What’s Wrong With A Federal Inheritance Tax?

Wendy Gerzog has published her article, “What’s Wrong With A Federal Inheritance Tax? at Real Property, Trust And Estate Law Journal. Spring 2014 Vol. 49, No. 1.  The abstract reads as follows:

Scholars have proposed a federal inheritance tax as an alternative to the current federal transfer taxes, but that proposal is seriously flawed. In any inheritance tax model, scholars should expect to see significantly decreased compliance rates and increased administrative costs because, by focusing on the transferees instead of on the transferor, an inheritance tax would multiply the number of taxpayers subject to the tax.

This Article reviews common characteristics of existing inheritance tax systems in the United States and internationally—particularly in Europe. In addition, the Article analyzes the novel Comprehensive Inheritance Tax (CIT) proposal, which combines some elements of existing inheritance tax systems with some features of the current transfer tax system and delivers the CIT through the federal income tax system.

See article at Digital Asset Abstract.

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.