Tips for Effective Use of PowerPoint

The ABA gives tips for better use of PowerPoint.

Specific tips given include the following:

  • Don’t Overuse PowerPoint
  • Don’t Misuse PowerPoint
  • Speak with Passion, Not PowerPoint
  • Use Plain English in Your Speech and Graphics
  • Use PowerPoint to Educate the Jury in Voir Dire and Opening Statement
  • Have Strong Content in Your Spoken Words, Slides, and Written Materials
  • Don’t Dilute Your Message with Too Many Bullet Point Lists
  • Focus on Clear Delivery
  • If the Slide Is a Distraction, You Are Missing the “Point”!
  • Design, Color, and Layout Are Important
  • Does Color Matter?
  • Does Size Matter? Remember 8H!
  • Use Fonts That Are Easy to Read

via Tips for Effective Use of PowerPoint.

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.