The SmallLaw Guide to Getting Referrals

Gary J. Ross, on Above the Law, writes about getting referrals in smaller law firms, noting that in SmallLaw, referrals are an extremely important aspect of a successful practice. In his article, Gary Ross outlines effective tips in networking with other lawyers and clients in order to establish a relationship that will keep a steady flow of new clients coming to your firm. The frequent referrals back and forth with your friends, and helping each other out, is just another reason why SmallLaw is preferable to BigLaw.

The article begins as follows:

In Biglaw, we always had emails going around asking for a DUI lawyer for a client’s kid or a “reasonably priced” family law attorney for an employee of the firm getting a divorce. I tried to help out when I could and pass along names of friends or former colleagues. But the firms I worked in were large, and more often than not, the person would be inundated with names, and unfortunately my referrals rarely made the cut.

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