The National Underwrite writes about the “single most important step in asking for referrals.”  Specifically, Bill Cates, founder of the Referral Coach Academy, writes:

When was the last time you did business with a person or company and they checked in with you later to see if you were a happy customer/client?  It doesn’t happen often. Why? Either they don’t have a system in place to make it happen or they are afraid that something negative might come up. (Or maybe both.)

Of all the referral methods I’ve taught over the years, hands down the most important and most effective technique is that of checking in with a client to see if they recognize the value of the work you’ve done for them. The value discussion can and should be held at all stages of your relationship with prospects and clients. First, if there’s a problem that the prospect or client hasn’t voiced — because you haven’t stopped long enough to give them permission — then they are a candidate to move their business and you’re probably not very referable. Second, if they are happy with your work (which I suspect most of your clients are), they are getting more in touch with the value you’ve provided, and are therefore more predisposed to give you referrals.

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Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.