The Intersection of Family Office and Philanthropy by Eric L. Johnson and Kristina A. Rasmussen

In their article, Eric Johnson and Kristina Rasmussen discuss common interactions between a family office and family’s private foundation as well as provide planning considerations to minimize potential taxes. The table of contents of the article is provided,

I. Brief Overview of Selected Excise Tax Rules

A. Self-Dealing

B. Excess Business Holdings

II. Personal Services Arrangements

A. Case Study: The Miller Family

B. The Provision of Personal Services

C. Compensation That Is Not Excessive

III. Co-Investment Opportunities

A. Case Study: Family Fund Structure

B. Is the Investment a Self-Dealing Violation?

C. Tangible Benefits From Co-Investment

D. Profits Allocations and Incentive Fees

E. Excess Business Holdings

F. Jeopardizing Investments


H. Co-Investment Planning Considerations

IV. Cohabitation Situations

A. Case Study: Sharing Space and Personnel

B. Sharing Office Space

C. Sharing Supplies and Equipment

D. Sharing Personnel

V. Conclusion

A link to the article can be found here, but a subscription is required for access: The Intersection of Family Office and Philanthropy

Posted by Allison Trupp, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal