Rubin on Tax: New Basis Consistency and Reporting Proposed Regulations – Did the IRS go too far?

Charles Rubin discusses in his article the proposed regulations under new Code Sections 1014(f) and Section 6035, relating to assets received from a decedent. He questions their two requirements: the zero basis for assets not reported on an estate tax return and the endless Form 8971 filings.

The article beings as follows:

The IRS has issued proposed regulations under new Code Sections 1014(f) (relating to requirements that the initial income tax basis of an asset received from a decedent cannot exceed the estate tax basis of that asset) and Section 6035 (relating to the reporting of basis on property acquired from a decedent). You can read those regulations here and here.

The proposed regulations have two requirements which are eyebrow raising (to say the least), and of questionable validity.

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Posted by Pooja Shivaprasad, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal