OPR Warns Practitioners to Remove Circular 230 Disclaimers

The IRS Office of Professional Responsibility advised practitioners to stop using Circular 230 disclaimers.  The IRS finalized Circular 230 (T.D. 9668) replacing the covered opinion and establishing one standard for covered opinion rules.  The OPR warned that practitioners that include any disclaimers that state “The Internal Revenue Service says” or “I am required under Circular 230” will be receiving a cease and desist letter from the IRS.

See William R. Davis, “OPR Will Tell Practitioners to Remove Circular 230 Disclaimers,” 2014 Tax Notes Today 117-5 (June 17, 2014).

See also IRS Offers Free Seminar on Circular 230 on June 25, 2014.

Posted by David Song, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal