Meet the People Who Train the Robots (to Do Their Own Jobs)

Daisuke Wakabayashi reports on the creators behind artificial intelligence programming in a diverse set of professions. Some companies are  deploying artificial intelligence in the workplace and asking their employees to train the A.I. to be more human. Wakabayashi spoke with five professionals who understand the strengths (and weaknesses) of artificial intelligence and how the technology is changing the nature of work. This includes, Dan Rubins, who created Legal Robot, a start-up that uses artificial intelligence to translate legalese into plain English.

Mr. Rubins said legal documents are well suited to machine learning because they are highly structured and repetitive.  He doesn’t think A.I. will put lawyers out of business, but it may change how they work and make money. The less time they need to spend reviewing contracts, the more time they can spend on, say, advisory work or litigation.

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Posted by Jacqueline Groccia, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.