Maintaining Flexibility in Shifting Estate Planning Landscape, from Bernstein Wealth Management

Bernstein Wealth Management has made available it’s publication, “Jack Be Nimble: Maintaining Flexibility in a Shifting Estate Planning Landscape.”  The Abstract is as follows:

Changing estate tax laws, fluctuating income tax rates, and shifting IRS regulations are challenging estate planners to draw and redraw the road map for enhancing their clients’ total family wealth by minimizing tax exposure. At the same time, clients may be reluctant to take action when they feel the ground shifting underneath them. For some clients, previously taken planning steps can further the right path forward, while for others, a new plan is needed. Today, more than ever, maintaining flexibility is a crucial element of an estate plan. Through careful analysis, Bernstein can help planners, and their clients, navigate the changing tax landscape to find the most efficient route to achieve estate planning goals.

Read full report at: Jack Be Nimble: Maintaining Flexibility in a Shifting Estate Planning Landscape

Special thanks to David Greene for bringing this report to our attention.

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.