In her article, Tara Siegel Bernard walks you through answers to big questions about life insurance. “What type do I need?” and “How much to buy?” are just a few that may help kick start you into looking at your own life insurance policies.

The article begins as follows:

You’ve probably seen the life insurancecommercials in which small children, all wide-eyed and adorable, ask questions like, “Hey, Dad, what’s life insurance?”

While these campaigns are supposed to put a small lump in your throat, most people don’t think about life insurance until they absolutely have to. That usually happens when their financial well-being becomes increasingly intertwined with someone else’s, which can come with getting married, buying a home or, the big one, bringing a child into the world.

Those happy events don’t make the task of buying life insurance any more pleasant — just more urgent.

Check out the full article here: Life Insurance Buyer’s Guide: What Type, How Much and Who Will Benefit – NY Times

Posted by Pooja Shivaprasad, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal