In an era of rapid globalization and advancing technology, big companies have been forced to adapt to the increasingly competitive market. Thus far, legal services have evaded this kind of cut throat competition, but there are increased calls for the deregulation of the legal services market. If you’re a small firm, you should be concerned. According to Keith Lee, “good enough” isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Lee’s article begins as follows:

“Good enough” is dying.

“Good enough” was never really good enough of course, but plenty of people were able to get by with it. Lawyers included.

Good enough work meant that lawyers were able to make clients adjust to their demands and schedules. Good enough work meant that lawyers don’t have to worry about the presentation or delivery of their services. Good enough work meant that lawyers didn’t have to bother with competing on price.

Lawyers were able to get by with “good enough” much longer than other industries as the practice of law is an eminently local business. Law vary from state-to-state. Municipalities have their own ordinances. Judges impose their own local rules for their courtrooms.

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