John Lanchester’s ‘How to Speak Money’

The NY Times writes about John Lanchester’s new book, “How to Speak Money.”   The article begins as follows:

Do you know the difference between “fiscal” and “monetary”?

Don’t feel bad. Neither did the British writer John Lanchester when he began work a decade or so ago on “Capital,” his sweeping novel about contemporary London. To his annoyance, he realized that he lacked even the rudimentary vocabulary to write about one of the great forces driving life in that city: the financial system.

“I got a first-class degree from Oxford,” Mr. Lanchester said the other day. “I worked for The London Review of Books for a decade; and I had heard the terms ‘fiscal’ and ‘monetary’ maybe 10,000 times each, and I didn’t know what they meant. I kind of vaguely sort-of maybe half-knew, and that was embarrassing. I didn’t know what they meant until I was in my late 40s.”

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Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.