IRS Webinar: Working With Appeals

IRS Presenters:

  • Joseph Ali, Director, Technical Guidance, Internal Revenue Service- Appeals
  • Brandi Joyner, Area Director, Collection Appeals, Office of Appeals, Internal Revenue Service
  • IRS Q&A Moderator: Karen Brehmer, Stakeholder Liaison, Communications & Stakeholder Outreach, SB/SE, IRS

Webinar description:

  • Presents information that taxpayers and practitioners should know when working with the IRS Office of Appeals including background information on the role of Appeals
  • Provides an overview of Appeals policies and procedures and discusses what you can expect.
  • Specifically outlines case procedures for both examination and collection cases, how you appeal an IRS decision and what point in the process your case can come to Appeals.


Register at: Internal Revenue Service Webinar Registration Page

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.