Intuit Moving Quickbooks to Cloud Based System

Accountants use Quickbooks extensively as do many lawyers and other professionals.  Therefore it is noteworthy that Intuit plans to move Quickbooks to a cloud based system.  A recent Intuit Developer Blog post gives the timeline for the Quickbooks migration to a cloud based system and begins as follows:

We want to share with you, our developer community, an important update about how Intuit will be prioritizing developer and platform resources in the coming years, with specific implications for the QuickBooks Desktop REST API.

The emergence of the cloud means that now, more than ever, we are serving customers on two distinct platforms – a desktop product and an online offering.

We’ve recently reached an inflection point where we now have more new users choosing QuickBooks Online than QuickBooks Desktop. Our customers are choosing QuickBooks Online because it helps them streamline operations, makes it possible to unlock a wealth of data-driven insights, and makes it easier than ever to reach new customers and partners around the world.

via Timeline to Discontinue the QuickBooks Desktop REST API | Blog | Intuit Developer.

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.