The Washington Post reports that when a wife becomes seriously ill, that increases the probability of a subsequent divorce by six percent.  Conversely, if a husband becomes seriously ill, that has no statistical impact. The article begins as follows:

It’s well-established that, with some exceptions, married people live longer and healthier lives than unmarried people. But until recently, researchers hadn’t conducted a very thorough examination of how well a marriage survives when one partner becomes seriously ill.

The results of that effort probably won’t cheer anyone — least of all women. When a wife falls ill, there is a 6 percent greater chance that a later-life marriage will end in divorce than there is if she remains healthy. When a husband becomes sick, there is no impact on the odds that the couple will divorce.

Read full article at In sickness and health: Wife’s serious illness increases chance of divorce later in life; husband’s doesn’t – The Washington Post.


Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.