(UPDATED) Heckerling 2018 Summaries by Joseph Hodges (ABA): Parts 1-14, and Other Heckerling Summaries

  1.  Joseph Hodges ABA Summaries.

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Joseph G. Hodges, Jr. has published summaries of Heckerling, as he has done for the past 21 years.  The summaries may be accessed by clicking the links below for each separate summary:

    • Introduction Part 1
    • Introduction Part 2
    • Part 1
      • Report #1 begins the coverage of the proceedings of the 52nd Annual Institute and starts with the coverage of the first of three Fundamentals programs, this one being all about the formation of closely-held businesses thatwas held on Monday morning. Following that is the coverage of the traditional Recent Developments session that was held on Monday afternoon.
    • Part 2
      • Report #2 begins the coverage of the general sessions that were held on Tuesday, those being on business succession, dynasty trusts, estate planning for a contest or difficult beneficiary and beyond private foundations.
    • Part 3
      • Report #3 continues the coverage of the general sessions that were held on Tuesday, those being managing tax basis, money in politics (Lloyd Leva Plaine lecture), buy-sell agreements and will drafting and contests.
    • Part 4
      • Report #4 contains the coverage of the two general sessions that were held on Wednesday morning, those being on long term care and US taxation of US grantors and beneficiaries of foreign trusts.
    • Part 5
      • Report #5 continues coverage of the general sessions that were held on Wednesday, the same being the Question and Answer session. In addition, the Fundamentals #2 session that was held concurrently with Special Sessions 1 and 2 in the afternoon on Wednesday is also included.
    • Part 6
      • Report #6 begins coverage of the Special Sessions that were held on Wednesday afternoon. The ones included here are 1-A on basis, 1-B on buy-sell agreements, 1-C on US – Non-US tax issues, and 1-D on fiduciary cases.
    • Part 7
      • Report #7 continues coverage of the Special Sessions that were held on Wednesday afternoon, the same being 1E on special needs planning, 1F on structuring philanthropy, 2A on dynasty trusts, and 2B on Family LPs and LLCs.
    • Part 8
      • Report #8 concludes coverage of the Special Sessions that were held on Wednesday afternoon, the same being 2-C on technology and estate planning, 2-D on elder law, 2-E on post-death administrative nightmares, and 2-F on celebrity estates.
    • Part 9
      • Report #9 contains coverage of the Thursday morning General Sessions, those being on community property, the Uniform Directed Trust Act, planned giving, and planning for real estate investors.
    • Part 10
      • Report #10 begins coverage of the Thursday afternoon Special Sessions, those being 3-A on trustees, beneficiaries and directors, 3-B on trust asset protection, 3-C on life insurance planning post TCJA, and 3-D on creative planned giving techniques. 
    • Part 11
      • Report #11 continues coverage of the Thursday afternoon Special Sessions, those being 3-E on closely-held business ethics, 3-F on employment and immigration law, 4-A on the magic age of 70 1/2, and 4-B on preparing fiduciary accountings to mitigate risks.
    • Part 12
      • This Report #12 completes coverage of the Thursday afternoon Special Sessions, those being an errata reprint of 4-A on the magic age of 70 1/2 that was in report 11, plus 4-C on working with real estate investors, 4-D on the exercise of discretion, and 4-F on the new partnership audit rules.
    • Part 13
      • Report #13 contains the report for the Thursday afternoon Fundamentals #3 on demystifying international tax planning that was held concurrently with Special Sessions 3 and 4 that were presented that same day and the reports for the final three General Sessions that were held on Friday morning, those being on Roth IRAs, trustee discretion and the Institute Review.
    • Part 14
      • Report #14 is the final report and consists of a combined report from four of our Reporters (Craig Dreyer, Patrick Duffey, Michelle Mieras and Michael Sneeringer) on the vendors who were in attendance all week long at this year’s institute in the exhibition hall. A complete list of those vendors and their booth locations, along with the identification of which vendors were Institute sponsors (Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver) is contained in Introduction Part 1 that was sent out on January 11, 2018.
  • 2. Eisner Amper – Blogging from Heckerling 2018.

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