Ethics And The SmallLaw Practitioner

Gary J. Ross writes about ethics in a small law firm, on Above the Law.  His article begins as follows:

Like everyone else, I took ethics in law school. We learned the ABA Rules, role-played scenarios such as a client revealing during a deposition that he’s a white supremacist, and generally spent a lot of time discussing what-ifs. Then I had to pass the MPRE, which is ostensibly about ethics, though I suspect it primarily tests one’s ability to answer trick questions (e.g., “which one of these questions is not three-fourths false?”). So when I graduated, hopefully I had a good understanding of ethics.

Then I went to Biglaw and forgot it all.

Read full article at Ethics And The SmallLaw Practitioner | Above the Law.


Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.