Paul Sullivan, in his weekly New York Times column, Wealth Matters, writes about divorce funding firms, which help spouses who are expecting large divorce settlements but who are in need of cash.  His article begins as follows:

THERESA EMERSON was married for 29 years when she fled her 6,000-square-foot custom-built house in Palm Desert, Calif., last June.

It was a few months earlier, she recalled, that her husband, with whom she had built an engineering firm they had sold for several million dollars, told her about his chronic infidelity and addiction to pornography and gambling.

They were a religious couple with two children, and she said she had been helping him through his problems with church support. Other issues surfaced that forced her to leave abruptly.

It wasn’t until later — after she and their college-aged daughter left — that she realized she was broke.

“I had no car,” she said. “I had no money. When I got here, I was desperate.”

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Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.