Computers Could Replace Attorneys in Many Roles

John O. McGinnis has written a brilliant article, Machines v. Lawyers, that details the way modern supercomputers, supported by big data and analytics, could obviate the need for attorneys in many roles.  He predicts that five major areas of the law will be overtaken by computers.  E-discovery will replace regular discovery; machine research will supplant human research; computer-generated forms will become the norm; machines will be first draft-writers of briefs and memos; and lawyers’ hunches on filing suits, settling them, and even whether to go to trial, will be outmatched by big data and statistical analysis.  Of utmost importance to estate planners is the form-drafting abilities of computers, as many wills and estate plans are simple and involve little variation.  For more information, see below.

See John O. McGinnis, “Machines v. Lawyers,” City Journal (Spring 2014)

Posted by David Staggs, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal