Various Methods of Life Insurance Valuation

When there is a transfer of a life insurance policy, valuation of the insurance policy becomes necessary as the IRS requires a Form 712 Life Insurance Statement, which is a policy valuation as of the date of transfer provided by the insurance company, be included in the tax returns. There … Continue reading

District Court Orders to Enforce IRS Summons

The United States District Court for the Northern District of California ruled in a recent matter and ordered an individual to company with IRS summons, namely, to appear before the IRS, to give testimony and to produce books, papers, records or other data in an investigation of corporation tax liability.… Continue reading

How Perspective Is Influenced by Money

Money subconsciously affects our life and the way we treat other people. Our judgment about how much money a man owns through our observation of his house, his car or even his phone does not necessarily match the reality. As a wealthy man with net worth of $4.2 billion would … Continue reading

Health-Care-Plan Study Lacks Up-to-Date Data

Kraiser Family Foundation, a non-profit organization specializing in health-care policy studies, recently found it hard to provide policy analysis to help enrollees shop between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage, due to the relatively out-of-date data. According to Kaiser, based on limited resource of data:

  • Medicare Advantage tends to be better
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