Revisiting the Revolution: Reintegrating the Wealth Transmission System, by Melanie B. Leslie and Stewart E. Sterk

Melanie B. Leslie and Stewart E. Sterk have published their article, “Revisiting the Revolution: Reintegrating the Wealth Transmission System,” in the Boston College Law Review.  The abstract reads as follows:

Thirty years ago, John Langbein published “The Nonprobate Revolution and the Future of Succession.” The article celebrated testators’ newfound ability

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A Recurring Problem with Benefit Plan Administration

A recurring problem in the world of benefit plan administration is an incorrect or unrevised beneficiary designation form. Many participants complete their beneficiary designations incorrectly because they don’t read the instructions carefully or don’t understand the instructions. Beneficiary designation forms are often filed away without review, and mistakes surface after … Continue reading

Digital wills valid in court

Gerry Beyer reports on his Wills Trusts & Estates Prof Blog that courts are accepting wills composed on computers, smartphones and even webcams as valid legal documents.  Yet an increasing number of disputes are headed to court involving wills left on digital devices.

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Pre-Mortem Probate in NH

Professor Gerry Beyer, on his Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog notes that:

New Hampshire has enacted a trust bill that includes a provision for pre-mortem probate proceedings. The proceedings can be brought by an individual during their life to have the judge rule on the validity of their will.

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