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Special Needs – Special Trusts Part. 3: Common Errors – Bernard A. Krooks


Part. 3: Common Errors

By Bernard A. Krooks

Littman Krooks LLP New York, New York / www.littmankrooks.com

Part 2. Drafting Considerations 

Set forth below are some common errors practitioners make when representing clients in connection with … Continue reading

What is Reasonable? Determining Fiduciary Fees in Massachusetts

By Amy R. Lonergan and Joshua S. Miller

For an attorney in Massachusetts, serving as a personal representative or trustee (“fiduciary”) for a trust or estate can be a rewarding and fulfilling role. However, there are numerous pitfalls for an attorney when setting and collecting his or her fees for … Continue reading

Is Understanding Technology A Paralegal’s Job Or An Attorney’s Job?

Jeff Bennion writes about understanding technology in the law firm context on Above the law.  His article begins as follows:

In a perfect world, the attorneys and the paralegals would both understand how technology works and they would work in an efficient harmony. That’s not always the reality, though. Often,

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Practice Tips for New Tax Associates – M. Robinson & Company, P.C.

Morris Robinson, of M. Robinson & Company, P.C., has published his memorandum to new tax associates setting forth what is expected of them and helping them become acclimated to the practice of tax law. The memorandum discusses the following topics:

  • Focus on practice objectives/exercise common sense.
  • How to draft effective
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Take Security Of Online Password Seriously

A VC and blogger, Fred Wilson, gave out some advice about online password management after his Facebook account was attacked in reaction to his blog about The Interview on last Thursday. Now he started to treat social media services as seriously as dealing with banking productivity services. He recommended using … Continue reading

Parker Publishing Model Client Letters: Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals + Businesses

Parker Publishing has made available two model letters to clients re year end tax planning, one for individuals and the other for businesses, along with an article, “Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals in Light of Uncertainty Regarding Tax Extenders.”

The article begins as follows:

As the end of the year

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