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Regina A. DeMeo: What are the Key Points to Consider in a Divorce?

As the holidays approach, many will ask themselves this one key question: should I stay, or should I go?  The decision to separate is not an easy one, and it can wreak havoc on a person’s emotional, financial and social well being.  Indeed, these are the real issues that complicate … Continue reading

By Regina DeMeo: VA, MD and DC Finally in Sync with Gay Marriages

Not too far in the distant past, the Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virginia that it was unconstitutional to ban inter-racial marriages. Since that pivotal 1967 decision, the landscape of families and our view of marriage has changed drastically in the United States, however, in 1996 Congress enacted the … Continue reading

Regina A. DeMeo: What Can We All Learn from the Ray Rice Scandal?

Lots of questions have surfaced recently as a result of the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence incident that occurred in February.  While developments will continue to unfold, one thing is clear: sweeping the issue of domestic violence under the rug is no longer an option for professional teams as the public increases its … Continue reading