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The Prudent Investor Rule and Market Risk: An Empirical Analysis – Schanzenbach and Sitkoff

Max M. Schanzenbach and Robert H. Sitkoff have made their article, “The Prudent Investor Rule and Market Risk: An Empirical Analysis,” published in the  Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, available for download.  The abstract is as follows:

The prudent investor rule, enacted in every state over the last 30 years,

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Ted Dougherty and Lisa Sergi – Tax Planning Using the Constructive Sale Rules – When is a Constructive Sale not a Constructive Sale?


Tax Planning Using the Constructive Sale Rules – When is a constructive sale not a constructive sale?

By Ted Dougherty and Lisa Sergi

Notwithstanding strong headwinds in the financial markets, a number of hedge funds are sitting on large unrealized gains in their portfolios. Concerns arising from the outcome of elections … Continue reading

Linda Kotis: Salvaging the 2015 Roller Coaster Ride with Your Retirement Accounts: Roth IRA Conversion

By Linda Kotis

The stock market has been full of crazy swings this year.  Your retirement accounts were buoyed by the 1.2% gain in the Dow Jones Industrial Average on January 8.  Then you cringed as account values bounced around in March with a 333 point drop. You nearly fainted … Continue reading

An Economist’s Perspective of Fiduciary Monitoring of Investments by Susan Mangiero

Susan Mangiero, of Fiduciary Leadership, LLC, has made available for download her article, “An Economist’s Perspective of Fiduciary Monitoring of Investments,” published in BNA Bloomberg Pension & Benefits Daily, May 2015.  The Abstract is as follows:

A central thesis of “An Economist’s Perspective of Fiduciary Monitoring of Investments” by Dr.

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The Prudent Investor Rule and Market Risk: An Empirical Analysis by Max M. Schanzenbach, Robert H. Sitkoff

Professors Max M. Schanzenbach and Robert H. Sitkoff have made available their research paper, “The Prudent Investor Rule and Market Risk: An Empirical Analysis.”  The Abstract is as follows:

The prudent investor rule, enacted in every state over the last 30 years, is the centerpiece of fiduciary investment law. Repudiating the

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Are Index Funds Really Better Than Actively Managed?

The Wall Street Journal writes about the debate over whether Index funds or actively managed funds are better.   Its article begins as follows:

There’s a bright line dividing these two fundamentally different approaches to investing.

Numerous studies have shown that index funds, with their low costs and ability to

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Warren Buffett’s 2014 Letter is Out.

Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders is out.  See the current (2014) letter as well as all those from 1977 forward at  Shareholder Letters.


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Financial Advice by the Demographics – NYTimes.com

The New York Times reports that several financial institutions, including Fidelity, which provides employer-based retirement accounts for more than 13 million workers, along with other retirement plan providers, have begun tailoring their messages for specific employees based on demographic data.  It state the following, among other things, focusing on the … Continue reading

App Makes Financial Information Available to Ordinary People

Institutional investors have had a huge advantage of the disproportionate amount of financial information against ordinary people. A new app called Invstr tries to close the information gap between big financiers and ordinary investors via gaming platforms that allow investors to try fake bets on stock listings. The app also provides … Continue reading

Richard L. Harris: It’s All About Income Tax

It’s All About Income Tax
Private placement life insurance may provide many advantages for your clients

by Richard L. Harris

Advisors build relationships with their clients by showing that they care. Bringing an idea to the client, whether the client decides to use it or not, is one way of … Continue reading

Being a Good Networker

Networking brings not only contacts but also investment and business in the future. Being a good networker first means to be shameless, and to get attention from people by praising them or by discovering similar interests or experiences. A second step is to speak out the right things, even about … Continue reading

Transition of Financial Planning When Financial Adviser Retires

When financial adviser reaches his age of retirement, the clients will have concerns about how their financial planning are to carry on and what the succession plans are. A study by Cerulli Associates dating back to August 2014 showed that 43 percent of financial advisers are over the age of … Continue reading

Illinois Adopts Automatic Enrollment of Retirement Savings Plan for Workers in 2017

Secure Choice, a new retirement saving program adopted by Illinois, is the first in nation to automatically save for workers, and, is a step toward retirement system reform. Starting in 2017, Illinois residents who have jobs but don’t have retirement plan from work will be automatically enrolled to set an … Continue reading

New Regulations for Professional Trustees in 2015

Two new regulatory requirements will affect professional trustees in 2015. First, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) requires all non-U.S. trusts (a trust with a non-U.S. person controlling any substantial trust decision) to comply with a reporting requirement of disclosing all accounts owned by U.S. taxpayers. Failure to report … Continue reading

Proposed SEC Initiatives Addressing Asset Management Advisers

This month the SEC Chair announce three initiatives proposed to address the risks of complex issues in the asset management industry. The broad initiatives include:

  • Enhanced data reporting – This would require standardized reporting for derivatives used by funds and securities lending.
  • Controls on risks in portfolio composition – This
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