Life Insurance and Estate Planning

Vance E. Antonacci, of McNees Wallac & Nurick, LLC, writes about using life insurance as part of an estate plan.  After Mr. Antonacci notes that life insurance can play an important role in estate planning, and stating that it is important to understand the uses and purposes of life insurance … Continue reading

Winter Getaways Raises Medical Expenses

As retirees move away from up north to Florida, they are likely to face more medical tests than they would have done back home. Since Medicare has strict regulations on prices and procedures of medical testing, doctors can easily increase the items and volumes of testing. According to researches, Florida, … Continue reading

49th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning (Jan 13th)

The following are summaries of the presentations from the 49th Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning. For the official brochure and list of events, see For the full Heckerling reports, see

Diana Zeydel on the New Portability Regime

The presentation began with Zeydel assuring attendees that despite … Continue reading

New Book Published: Social Security Works

Co-authors Nancy J. Altman and Eric R. Kingson have their new book on the social welfare system just published. Both of them are very supportive expanding the current social welfare system and believe that doing so will achieve “greater economic security for all of America’s working families.” They explained in … Continue reading