The Secret Tax Lives of the Rich and Famous

Bloomberg reports on tax issues experienced by various celebrities, from Willie Nelson to Wesley Snipes, noting that in the past year, comedian Chris Tucker, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, the lead singer of Creed, and at least one of the Real Housewives have had reported run-ins with the IRS. Bloomberg gives the … Continue reading

Dolce & Gabbana Cleared of Tax Evasion

The NY Times notes that the Court of Cassation in Rome, Italy’s highest court, acquitted the fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of tax evasion on Friday. The court overturned two lower court convictions, and also acquitted the designers’ tax accountant, two managers and Mr. Dolce’s brother, bringing to … Continue reading

Five myths about billionaires

Darrell M. West, vice president of the Brookings Institution’s governance studies department and author of “Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust” writes about five myths about billoinaires in the Washington Post, which is now owned by billionaire, Jeff Bezos.  Mr. West’s article begins as follows:

Billionaires can be fascinating —

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The Objects 10 Celebrities Took to the Grave

Mental Floss describes the objects that 10 celebrities took to their graves, including Frank Sinatra (Jack Daniels), Bob Marley (a red Les Paul guitar and marijuana), and Elizabeth Taylor (Richard Burton’s final love letter to her).  The article begins as follows:

Ancient Egyptians werent the only ones who buried their

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Robert L. Moshman: The Estate Analyst-The Tragic Case of Casey Kasem; New York’s “164%” Estate Tax, Slayers Inherit from Victims, and John Wayne’s Heirs Sue Duke University

By Robert L. Moshman 

 Midsummer Madness — 2014

“Why, this is very midsummer madness!”
—William Shakespeare, from Twelfth Night

Once more into the breach as we embark on what has become our annual journey to Crazy Town in a quest to cover inexplicable developments that strain reason, challenge credulity, … Continue reading

Jackson Neverland Ranch Being Readied for Sale by Colony

Bloomberg reports that Michael Jackon’s Neverland Ranch is being readied for sale, noting:

For sale: California estate once home to the King of Pop, named for the island of the Lost Boys. Spacious Tudor-style mansion ideal for entertaining. Chimpanzee not included.

Neverland Ranch, the Los Olivos, California, property where the

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The Fabulous Life Of Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg

Business Insider ran a photo essay yesterday showing “The Fabulous Life of Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg,” noting:

Earlier this week, Facebook crushed its second quarter earnings and its stock hit an all-time high — which really just means Mark Zuckerberg is one step closer to being the richest man in the world.

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Seinfeld’s 10 Enduring Lessons—About The IRS

Robert Wood, on his Forbes blog, reports that on Seinfeld’s 25th anniversary–it debuted July 5th, 1989–it is being discussed again around today’s version of the water cooler. Yes, Seinfeld at 25: There’s Still Nothing Else Like It. Turns out even a show about nothing can teach us something, including tax lessons.  To read about Seinfeld’s … Continue reading