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Department Of The Treasury Releases 2014-2015 Priority Guidance Plan

Treasury, along with the IRS, has released their 2014-2015 Priority Guidance Plan. In it, they outline numerous projects they consider priorities, which they anticipate to work on during the plan year. These projects are intended to give guidance to both individuals and businesses on critical topics. These include, implementation of … Continue reading

Funding Marital Trusts: Mistakes and Their Consequences by Jay A. Soled, Dena Wolf, Nathan Arnell

Jay A. Soled, Dena Wolf, and Nathan Arnell have published their article, Funding Marital Trusts: Mistakes and Their Consequences, which is available for download.  The abstract is as follows:

Mistakes occur in every profession, and attorneys practicing estate administration are not immune from this phenomenon. Funding marital trusts at the

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2013 Developments in Connecticut Estate and Probate Law by Jeffrey A. Cooper, John R. Ivimey

Jeffrey A. Cooper and John R. Ivimey have published their article, 2013 Developments in Connecticut Estate and Probate Law, which is available for download.  The abstract reads as follows:

This Article provides a summary of recent developments impacting Connecticut estate planning and probate practice. Part I discusses 2013 legislative developments.

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A Guide to Fiduciary Selection by Gerry W. Beyer

Professor Gerry Beyer has published his article, A Guide to Fiduciary Selection, which is available for download.  The abstract reads as follows:

Your clients must exercise great care in selecting fiduciaries such as executors, trustees, and agents. These decisions may affect the client and the client’s family members for many

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Family Drama: Dangling Inheritances and Promised Lands by Patricia A. Cain

Patrica Cain has published her review of the book, Someday All This Will Be Yours.  The abstract reads as follows:

This paper reviews Hartog’s 2012 book, Someday All this will be Yours: A History of Inheritance and Old Age. Relying on case documents from trial courts in New Jersey in

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Delaware Law Gives Executors Access to Digital Assets

Delaware has enacted the “Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets and Digital Accounts Act” which is based off of the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (UFADAA). The law gives heirs and executors authority to control digital accounts and devices just like physical assets. As it stands, the law only … Continue reading

Cautionary Tales for POAs

Although powers of attorney (POAs) are an incredibly popular option for many people planning for the twilight years of their lives, the New York Times reports that in many cases POAs do not provide the best solution, partly because of their ubiquity.  Legal professionals have stated it is not at … Continue reading

Mendy Schreiber, CPA

Associate Editor

The George Washington University Law School, Class of 2016
Touro College, B.S. in Accounting, 2011

Mendy is a 2L at The George Washington University Law School. He is currently working as an extern at the U.S Tax Court where his responsibilities include researching and drafting memoranda … Continue reading

Keeping up with Technology: Solo and Small Firms

At a recent conference in Minnesota called “Strategic Solutions for Solo and Small Firms,” the topic of conversation was technology. The increasingly impersonal nature of everyday transactions requires attorneys in smaller firms to be increasingly versatile in their approach.  As sophisticated software used for legal matters such as estate planning … Continue reading

The Investment Advice Price Wars

Although many who seek investment advice and wealth management services may be tempted to steer their funds towards big names, traditionally associated as discount brokerages, fees offered by firms like Fidelity, BlackRock, and Merrill Lynch are increasingly viewed as incongruous, particularly given the amount of service provided, especially for smaller … Continue reading

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