Though courts can fix accidental designations of minors as recipients of inherited property, the solutions involve added complications (e.g., appointing a guardian or delaying property distribution), and there are number of steps testators can take to avoid such messes altogether.  For example:

  1. Include in the will that the executor can distribute the property left to minor to a custodian instead.
  2. Give the executor the ability to use the funds left to the minor for the benefit of the minor.
  3. Create a contingent trust that is effective only if a minor is left property.
  4. Don’t name current minors as beneficiaries for any accounts.
  5. Remember to name a successor owner and contingent successor owner, if allowed, for all college savings accounts.
  6. Create inter vivos trusts with minors as the beneficiaries.

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Posted by Morgan Yuan, Esq., Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.