Year-End Tax Planning Techniques

With the year soon coming to an end, taxpayers can still take steps to lower their potential tax liability. The author feels that tax deferral is among the most important steps in tax planning. To accomplish this, he suggests clients max-out contributions to qualified plans, make calculated Roth conversions to … Continue reading

Considerations in Appointing a Trust Protector

In addition to a trustee that oversees trust asset distributions, a trust protector can also be appointed in order to oversee the trustee. A protector can be granted powers as broad as replacing a trustee or vetoing investment decisions based on changing circumstances or a shift in tax laws. While … Continue reading

A Simple and Successful Marketing Strategy

Maribeth Kuzmeski suggests a simple way to obtain “marketing insurance,” which is her term for an easy and effective marketing strategy. She urges attorneys to determine the most regular source of new clients, create a handful of outreach efforts to attract that source of clientele, and make consistent progress every week.… Continue reading

C Corporations Use Insured Buy-Sell Agreements for Favorable Tax Treatment

Strategically using insured cross-purchase buy/sell agreements and stock redemptions, a surviving stockholder can receive a higher basis in his interest in the corporation without increasing the corporation’s E&P.

To achieve these results, stockholders initially purchase life insurance policies on the other stockholders. At a stockholder’s death, the corporation issues a … Continue reading