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By Regina A. DeMeo: What Is “Ours” Versus “Yours” or “Mine”?

This is a question that plagues me every day– either in my consults for prenuptial agreements or with those about to embark in the divorce process. Explaining the law is easy, but getting couples to agree on what should be part of the marital pie is often not easy at … Continue reading

By Regina A. DeMeo: Til Death Do You Part- It is True With Kids

No one I know still believes that because someone says, “I do” at the alter, s/he is really stuck with someone forever, especially if things get ugly. Most would agree that if someone becomes abusive, develops a nasty addiction, or commits adultery, these are all valid grounds for abandoning ship, … Continue reading

By Regina A. DeMeo: 5 Tips For Those About To Tie The Knot

During the height of wedding season, I spend a lot of time each week talking to couples not just about matrimonial law and the benefits of having a prenuptial agreement, but also about more practical issues, like the need to set a realistic household budget together and to be open … Continue reading

How Big Is Your Ask?

We all need something from others– truly, not a single person I have encountered over the last four decades operates as an island. But the key question to keep in mind when asking for something is this: how big is your ask? The bigger the favor, the more prepared you … Continue reading

By Regina A. DeMeo: Are You Ready for Parenthood?

They say no one is ever really ready to become a parent, yet 80% of women will become mothers by the time they reach the age of 44, and as people are becoming more open and honest about the challenges of parenthood, I do think we can (and should) help … Continue reading

By Regina A. DeMeo: How Do You Climb Out of the Divorce Abyss?

On average, 1 Million Americans each year manage to survive the divorce process, and yet these numbers are somehow not particularly reassuring to those going through a divorce who feel like they are free falling into the bottomless pit of hell. Am I being overly melodramatic? Not even close for … Continue reading

By Regina A. DeMeo: 8 Points to Consider in the New Year

Year-end is a perfect time not just for corporations, but for individuals to take a good look at how they spent their time, money and effort. Only after we each take into account this year’s return on our investments, can we then properly plan for the coming year. When going … Continue reading

By Regina A. DeMeo: What “Extra” Expenses Do Parents Often Omit in Their Budgets?

Lots of parents mistakenly assume that once their kids are out of diapers and eligible for public school the child-related expenses will decrease substantially, but here are 3 major expenses that many fail to properly budget for, and not just in a divorce scenario:

1. Medical Expenses– Kids routinely … Continue reading

By Regina A. DeMeo: Why Are Prenuptial Agreements a Growing Trend?

As holiday season nears,  many couples will get engaged, and then embark in the typical 6-9 month planning process that will result in a wedding, which on average costs $25,000 in the United States (not including the cost of the engagement ring).  During this process, money talks are an inevitable– … Continue reading

Regina A. DeMeo: What Are the Financing Options for Divorce Fees?

As the holidays near, it is quite common to see a spike in separations.  For those that about to embark in the divorce process, it is important to understand the four main types of services generally available to clients with family law matters:

(1) initial consults;
(2) flat-fee services for … Continue reading

Regina A. DeMeo: Why Are Transitions So Scary?

Change is scary for a lot of people, especially sudden, unexpected or unwanted changes that impact our core needs. Unfortunately, those going through a divorce will experience great uncertainty in various aspects of their lives all at once, which explains the dramatic rise in situational depression or anxiety among those … Continue reading

Regina A. DeMeo: Is There Really a Mid-Life Crisis?

Is there really such a thing as a mid-life crisis? Well, “crisis” is a bit of a misnomer, when what is really going on is more of a wake-up call that seems to occur when people hit their mid to late 40’s.  The reason this occurs is simple– this is … Continue reading

Regina A. DeMeo: Why Do Second Marriages Fail So Often?

While many say falling in love is sweeter the second time around, the statistics are quite staggering– over 70% of second marriages fail. Here are the 4 main reasons these unions do not last:

1. Not Enough Time to Reflect– After experiencing a divorce, most people avoid the pain … Continue reading

Regina A. DeMeo: What are the Key Points to Consider in a Divorce?

As the holidays approach, many will ask themselves this one key question: should I stay, or should I go?  The decision to separate is not an easy one, and it can wreak havoc on a person’s emotional, financial and social well being.  Indeed, these are the real issues that complicate … Continue reading

By Regina DeMeo: VA, MD and DC Finally in Sync with Gay Marriages

Not too far in the distant past, the Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virginia that it was unconstitutional to ban inter-racial marriages. Since that pivotal 1967 decision, the landscape of families and our view of marriage has changed drastically in the United States, however, in 1996 Congress enacted the … Continue reading

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