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Author: Espen Robak

Espen Robak: Holliday FLP Transfer Runs Afoul of Sec. 2036

By: Espen Robak

In Estate of Holliday, decided March 17, 2016, the IRS won a small (dollar-wise) yet meaningful victory on the Sec. 2036 retained interest issue. The case is instructive, since the facts were not particularly bad for the taxpayer. Thus, and especially in conjunction with recent cases, it … Continue reading

Espen Robak: The Whys and Hows of Valuing Life Insurance

By Espen Robak

When changing the ownership of a life insurance policy by gift or sale, many advisors report to us that their client experienced a sticker shock. As an example, an attorney called to say his client had a $20 million term policy with an annual premium of $120,000. … Continue reading

Espen Robak: Valuing Fund Carry – Consider the Market Evidence*

By Espen Robak

Pure profits interests like a carried interest of a venture fund or hedge fund – at their inception – have zero intrinsic value.1 Much like out-of-the money stock options, they either make rapid leaps in value or expire worthless: this represents a significant transfer tax planning … Continue reading