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Estate Planning +Taxation: January 2011 Archives

The Outlook for Estate Planning Practitioners

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The Outlook for Estate Planning Practitioners:  Data from WealthCounsel's Annual Survey Indicates the Industry is Poised for Growth   By William A. Conway, Esq. WealthCounsel Principal   While the economic downturn over the last two years may have softened...

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2010 Transfer Tax Changes

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2010 Transfer Tax Changes -Actual Reform or Repairing a Leaky Dike with a Band-Aidby George D. Karibjanian, Esq. Introduction The last session of the 111th Congress - the so-called "lame duck session" - was certainly an active session.  This particular Congress was...

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Estate Analyst: The Year of the Ginormous Loophole

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2010 in Review: The Year of the Ginormous LoopholePlus: The New Estate Tax Law ArrivesAnd: Inglorious, Ignoble, and Ignominious EstatesBy Robert L. Moshman, Esq.Almost every estate plan in the United States needs to be rewritten immediately.  Did you just hear something? Was that the sound of...

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