ACTEC Winter Journal 2013

The American College of Trust & Estate Counsel (ACTEC) has published its Winter 2013 issue, which contains the following articles :

How To Draft Trusts To Own Retirement Benefits
Keith A. Herman

IRA Administration For High Net Worth Clients And Their Beneficiaries—unique Challenges And Best Practices For Financial Institutions
Svetlana V. Bekman

Eliminate State Tax On Trust Income: A Comprehensive Update On Planning With Incomplete Gift Non-grantor Trusts
Kevin R. Ghassomian

The Intermediary CLAT Alternative To The Residuary Estate Family Foundation Gift
Richard S. Franklin and Jennifer A. Birchfield Goode

State Taxation Of Trusts And Their Beneficiaries When There Are Multiple State Contacts
John McGown, Jr.

Killing Your Chances Of Inheriting: The Problem With The Application Of The Slayer Statute To Cases Of Assisted Suicide
Ryan Konsdorf and Scott Alden Prulhiere

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Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.