Chuck Rubin writes about late payment and interest penalties in connection with FBARs.

While much about the Zwerner case (U.S. v. Zwerner, Case No. 13-22082-CIV, So. Dist. Fl.) has been discussed regarding the FBAR penalties, there has not been much attention paid to the 6% late payment penalty and interest applicable to FBAR penalties which are not paid timely. The late payment and interest would arise in cases where the FBAR penalty is assessed but not timely paid. They do not arise in OVDP settlements as the FBAR penalty is paid without interest and late penalties under the terms of the OVDPs. Since these additional penalties are not insignificant, it is important to consider them in analyzing FBAR penalty cases.

via A Closer Look Into FBAR Late Payment And Interest Penalties Through The Zwerner Settlement – What Were The Penaties And Interest? – How Were They Computed? | Charles (Chuck) Rubin – JDSupra.

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.