2016 Developments in Connecticut Estate and Probate Law by Jeffrey A. Cooper, John R. Ivimey, Katherine E. Coleman 

Jeffrey A. Cooper, John R. Ivimey, Katherine E. Coleman have made available for download their article, 2016 Developments in Connecticut  Estate and Probate law

This Article provides a summary of recent developments affecting Connecticut estate planning and probate practice. Part I discusses 2016 legislative developments. Part II surveys selected 2016

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IRS OVDP vs. Streamlined: What To Do?, Chuck Rettig

In Chuck Rettig’s Forbes blog post, he has written about the choosing between the IRS OVDP and its Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures.  His post begins as follows:

The IRS recently announced Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures in an effort to encourage U.S. taxpayers to come into compliance with their reporting and

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Steve Akers ACTEC 2017 Summer Meeting Notes

Steve Akers has summarized the seminars at the ACTEC 2017 Summer Meeting.  The summary includes information about “the life cycle of a charity” and the impact of religious, cultural and international variables in estate planning.

The abstract is as follows:

The 2017 ACTEC Summer Meeting was held in Seattle, Washington,

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DOJ Files Motion For Stay in PTIN Action

Tax Notes, 2017 TNT 141-23, reports that DOJ has asked a U.S. district court to stay its order enjoining the IRS from charging a fee to issue or renew tax return preparer tax identification numbers pending the government’s decision on whether to appeal the order on grounds that the government … Continue reading

IRS Office of Appeals Pilots Virtual Conference Service

The Internal Revenue Service Office of Appeals has announced that it will soon pilot a new web-based virtual conference option for taxpayers and their representatives. This virtual face-to-face option will provide an additional option for taxpayer conferences. The IRS expects it to be especially useful for taxpayers located far from … Continue reading

Commentary Omnibus.2017.07.23:Medicaid Planning Ethics, KPMG-Planning for Future of Your Investment Planning Practice, Your 18 Year Old Needs Estate Planning Too, & More

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