Governor Rick Scott Vetoes Florida Electronic Wills Act

Juan C. Antunez, on his blog, Florida Probate & Trust Litigation Blog, has reported that Florida Governor Rick Scott has vetoed the Florida Electronic Wills Act.   Mr. Antunez’s post, along with links to policy arguments for and against the proposed legislation and the Governor’s letter explaining his reasons for … Continue reading

S.1318, The Retirement Security Act of 2017 introduced by Sen. Susan Collins Would Modify Safe Harbor Requirements for Automatic Contributions and Allow Saver Credit on 1040-EZ

Susan M. Collins, R. Main, has introduced S.1383, The Retirement Security Act of 2017, which would modify safe harbor requirements for automatic contribution arrangements, allow taxpayers to claim the savers credit on Form 1040-EZ, and reform other retirement savings incentives.

“The bill aims to reduce the $7.7 trillion gap the Center

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Wells Fargo v. Militello: Court Reviews Damages For Mental Anguish, Exemplary Damages, and Other Categories For A Trustee’s Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

David Fowler Johnson, of Winstead, reports on Wells Fargo v. Militello, where a Texas court reviewed damaged for mental anguish, expemlary damages, and other categories for a trustee’s breach of fiduciary duty.

Mr. Fowler’s summary begins as follows:

In Wells Fargo v. Militello, a trustee appealed a judgment from a

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Brookings Institution Report: Abuse of tax deductions for charitable donations of conservation lands are on the rise 

The Brookings Institute has issued a report authored by Adam Looney, which asserts that abuse of charitable donations of conservation lands is increasing.  Mr. Looney’s report begins as follows:

Abuse of a tax deduction intended to encourage conservation of environmentally important land and historic buildings has cheated the government out

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Commentary Omnibus.2017.06.28: Bulletproofing Estate Plans, Multigenerational Businesses, Picking Winning VC Investments, Stay in Love By Hiring a Lawyer & More

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PLR 201725008: Ruling Re Matching Gifts by Private Foundation Matching Gifts of Employees of Corp That is Foundation’s Sole Contributor

The IRS made the following rulings with respect to donations made by a private foundation to match those made by employees of a corporation that is the foundation’s sole contributor:

  1. The donations that Foundation makes pursuant to its matching donation programs will not constitute self-dealing under section 4941.
  2. The donations
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