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Month: October 2016

[T&E Podcast 10/31] – This Week in Wealth (Transfer) with Salvatore LaMendola

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By Regina DeMeo: 6 Main Reasons to Modify a Parenting Plan

Parenting Plans, which are private agreements between parents, and Custody Orders, which are approved by judges, are not written in stone.   Separated parents need to be prepared to discuss changes as needed because modifications are actually quite common in custody cases, especially in those like the one involving Angelina … Continue reading

Ted Dougherty and Lisa Sergi – Tax Planning Using the Constructive Sale Rules – When is a Constructive Sale not a Constructive Sale?


Tax Planning Using the Constructive Sale Rules – When is a constructive sale not a constructive sale?

By Ted Dougherty and Lisa Sergi

Notwithstanding strong headwinds in the financial markets, a number of hedge funds are sitting on large unrealized gains in their portfolios. Concerns arising from the outcome of elections … Continue reading

By Regina A. DeMeo: 5 Key Issues In A Divorce

What most people going through a divorce dwell on  is the why, or how did we get to this point?  Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of having a closure conversation, and many will be deprived of the apology they so long for, and perhaps rightly deserve.  Ultimately, it only takes … Continue reading