2016 Elections: First Thoughts by Rebecca Patterson and Meghan Shue

Rebecca Patterson, Chief Investment Officer, and Meghan Shue, Investment Strategist, from Bessemer Trust have made available for download their article, “2016 Elections: First Thoughts,” and accompanying video.  The highlights reads as follows:

One of the most unconventional and tense U.S. presidential election seasons in recent memory finally came to a close Wednesday morning, when Donald Trump, businessman, television celebrity, and political outsider, pulled off a dramatic upset to become the 45th American president, with an estimated electoral vote count of 279 (according to RealClear Politics) and several states still outstanding at the time of writing early Wednesday morning (Exhibit 1; 270 electoral votes needed to win); at this point, the popular vote is very close with both major candidates receiving approximately 48%, and it is possible Clinton wins the popular vote despite losing the Electoral College.

Republicans will continue to hold majorities in both houses of Congress. Democrats picked up one seat in the Senate (Illinois), with the race in New Hampshire still too close to call and a runoff in Louisiana scheduled for December. In the House of Representatives, Republicans gave up 7 seats, now outnumbering Democrats by 44 (with some states still outstanding).

Download full article at: 2016 Elections: First Thoughts

Watch the video at: 2016 Elections: First Thoughts–Video

Posted by Damien Lee, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.