Logan Davis

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George Washington University Columbian College, B.A. in Political Science & B.A. in History, 2017 (expected).

Logan is currently an Undergraduate Junior at George Washington University. He most recently worked at the US Department of Education, where he served as a member of the Military Affairs Team. … Continue reading

‘Supersavers’ Focus on the Goal

Paul Sullivan of the New York Times writes about a new breed of savers who are committed to reaching their retirement goals through strict budgeting. The article begins as follows:

During the 2007-8 financial crisis, Chris Reining said, he panicked. His state of anxiety wasn’t brought on by the collapse

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Track and Measure

Fred Wilson writes about the process of track and measure and its ability to improve performance. The post begins as follows:

If you listed the habits of successful people, tracking and measuring would be near the top of that list. I see it with people, companies, and teams that I

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