Customer Service Or Whatever

Keith Lee writes, at Above the Law, about customer service, noting “(i)t doesn’t matter if you’re cutting lawns, washing cars, or scrubbing toilets – I’ve done all three – you have to take pride in what you do. It communicates volumes to clients. This is doubly true if you are … Continue reading

5 megatrends that will revolutionize insurance

The National Underwriter writes about five megatrends that will revolutionize insurance.    It notes that a megatrend is not a prediction but a certainty, an event with global ramifications that is already unfolding and affecting people. And although the more massive of these megatrends can be intimidating, they present more opportunities for creative … Continue reading

5 Money Moves For Boomer Couples To Consider

Next Avenue, a public media website, writes on Forbes, that “as a financial adviser for more than two decades, I have found that many boomer couples have not prepared well for something they’re likely to experience: The transfer of assets from the husband to the wife when the husband dies.”

According to … Continue reading

New FATCA Form Instructions Published, Critiqued

Last week the IRS updated the instructions for a pair of important forms:  Form @-8BEN-E, “Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax” and Form 8966, “FATCA Report.”  Tax Analysts contacted two leading practitioners, Deborah J. Pflieger of EY, Laurie Hatten-Boyd of KPMG, and Cheryl S. Riedlinger of … Continue reading

Replaced Executors and Will Challenges

In the recent case Estate of Sobal, a California appellate court addressed the scope of a replaced executor’s interest in an estate, and its bearing on their ability to challenge wills.

Sonia Sabol, the testator, executed a will naming Jay Rose as her executor.  Later, she executed a codicil … Continue reading

Creating the net investment income tax regulations

Robert S. Keebler, CPA, in the Journal of Accountancy, interviews David H. Kirk, one of the two principal authors of the proposed and final net investment income tax regulations (T.D. 9644, REG-130843-13, and REG-130507-11),  and who was an attorney in the Passthroughs and Special Industries Division of the Office of … Continue reading

You Gantt do that

The Journal of Accountancy answers the questions, “does Excel 2013 provide the option to produce Gantt charts?”

The answer, No, Excel does not produce Gantt charts out of the box, but you can create one with a bit of Excel trickery, as illustrated in the article, located at You Gantt Continue reading

Risky business of serving the rich and famous

The Journal of Accountancy reports that serving the rich and famous is risky business.  Specifically, it reports the following:

Money. Fame. It’s not just for the entertainers of the world. Accountants can be well-known and famous or, in some cases, infamous. You may have read about pop stars, actors, and … Continue reading