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Month: March 2014

Back to the School of Hard Knocks: Thoughts on the Initial Estate Planning Interview-Revisited

By L. Paul Hood, Jr., Esq.

The author wrote and published this article many years ago. [1] Since he originally published the article, he has sent out hundreds of copies to people who have requested it over these many years, and the passing years have not reduced the demand for it. After … Continue reading

UPDATE: Governor Cuomo Proposes Massive Overhaul of NY Tax System

By Sharon Klein

The Assembly and Senate released their so-called one-house budget bills last week (A8559-C and S6359-C, respectively): their versions of the Governor’s Budget Bill, which I have summarized in a previous article entitled, Governor Cuomo Proposes Massive Overhaul of NY Tax System.

What’s Different?

Among the more significant … Continue reading

Alan S. Gassman & Danielle Creech: Federal Estate Tax Planning for Same Sex Couples

By Alan S. Gassman, Esq. and Danielle Creech, Esq.

Federal Estate Tax Planning

For more affluent married couples federal income, estate and gift tax planning will provide the most important financial differences when a couple decides whether or not to be married.

Internal Revenue Service Ruling 2013-17

On August 29, 2013, … Continue reading

Tax Court Hammers Couple DESPITE Explicit IRS Rollover Guidance Allowing Transaction

By Ed Morrow, J.D., LL.M., MBA, CFP®, RFC®

In Bobrow v. Commissioner (TC Memo 2014-21), the tax court laid down the gauntlet regarding multiple 60 day IRA rollovers, threatening what may be thousands of other taxpayers’ past IRA rollovers. The tax court denied some IRS arguments that … Continue reading

Do You Have a CDA Plan?

By David Shayne and Sarah Butters

More and more today, we have online accounts. We pay our bills, send and receive email, subscribe to publications, store photos and use the web to keep track of our bank and brokerage accounts. Many of us have email and social media accounts and … Continue reading