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The Wealth Strategies Journal has posted a new article entitled, "Come for the Exclusion, Stay for the Interest Rate," by Bruce Givner, Esq. and Owen Kaye, Esq.  

From the article: "Much is being written about the opportunity to use the $5,120,000 per person gift tax exclusion before it is reduced to $1,000,000 on January 1, 2013.  The other time pressure to plan is the increase on that same date in the estate and gift tax rate from 35% to 55%.  Of course, it is wonderful to have so many families come to our offices now wanting to engage in planning.  However, the reality is that for most families with modest size estates - and for this purpose we mean estates of $30,000,000 and less - the current estate tax exclusion is not the most significant factor in achieving their planning goals."

To read more, click here.

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