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Estate Planners May be Surprised by What's Really in the Estate

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Financial Advisor published an article Estates May Hold Mysteries, Even for Advisors October 11, 2010 addressing why many estate plans aren't as precise as they should be, the reason includes:

  • The client didn't give the estate planner an accurate balance sheet to start with
  • The client either intentionally or unintentionally neglected to tell the estate planner about major life changes
  • The estate planner didn't work well with the deceased's other advisers
  • The client didn't trust the estate planner or was too embarrassed to discuss money

"When the end finally comes and a person dies, trustees and executors are almost bound to discover something they didn't know. In the most extreme cases, the surprise is the estate itself, because an executor can be named in a document without knowing in advance."

Click here to read the entire article.

Hat tip: Wills, Trust & Estates Prof Blog

Posted by Yi Song, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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